Medina County Art League Exhibition | Group Exhibition 

Medina County Art League Exhibition | Group Exhibition 


Intersections Gallery  


This exhibition of artwork from Medina County Art League members features a span of media and subjects from artists working at all points in their careers. The group is excited to show work outside of Medina County, as many of the League’s members reside across Northeast Ohio. 

Special thanks to Bradley Hart, Summit Artspace resident artist, for photography of virtual exhibitions!

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Most of the artwork on display at Summit Artspace is for sale.
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1- Darrell Kent | Looking Through | NFS (prints available)
Ink markers
Artist Bio: My interest in art began as a child, encouraged by my Dad, who was a talented artist himself. I started doing pointillism art, using ink markers, in 1971, stopped in 1985 to raise my family, work, maintain our house and yard, etc., then returned to my art again in late 2011, and I’m really enjoying it. My art has been described as unique and different because of my style and medium, and has also been described by art judges as “Modern Pointillism”. In September 2014 I had a one person show in the Valley Gallery at the Peninsula Art Academy, Peninsula, Ohio. I have also participated in other local art shows and festivals, as well as other venues sponsored by the Medina County Art League, where I am a member. I enjoy being outside in nature, hiking down trails, or neighborhood sidewalks. Much of my art is based on my journeys around NE Ohio, in local parks, or on road trips. I always have my camera and a sketch book to capture images that I may later use in my art. I sell original framed art, and high quality signed and numbered giclee prints in various sizes.
Artist Statement: My entry is called “Looking Through”. I worked from a photo I took on a foggy early Spring day walking a trail in Brecksville Reservation. The foreground and hollow log are close to the photo, The background of trees, though, I changed from a forest of similar looking trees with no opening to a mixture of various trees I had sketched over the years. I also added the gap or opening for effect. I work in a pointillism style using alcohol ink markers after drawing the main subject in pencil.

2- Carol J. Stevens | Dark Side of Pink | $450
Artist Bio: Highlights: Signature Memberships in: National Watercolor Society (NWS), Ohio Watercolor Society (OWS), Kentucky Watercolor Society (KWS) Board Trustee of Ohio Watercolor Society for three terms. Education: BS in Art Education from Bowling Green State University; Additional classes from the Cleveland Institute of Art and Cleveland State University 30 years of workshops and seminars with professional artists and mentors. Teaching Experience: K-8 in Lorain City Schools, various adult classes and workshops in Ohio and Florida. Mentor the annual “Art and Creativity Retreat” at Sandscrest in Wheeling, WV. Selected Awards and Exhibitions 2019-2024: “ Watercolor Ohio” 2022 Sarah Kass Award, KWS: ”Aqueous 2023 USA” “Aqueous 2021 USA” “Aqueous 2020 USA, Cheap Joe’s Art, Silver Brush Award OWS: “Watercolor Ohio 2021”, CAC- Don Getz Award “Watercolor Ohio 2020” “Watercolor Ohio 2019”, Ohio Watercolor Society/ Blick Award; Summit Artspace: “Fresh 2021, 22, 23”, Artists Of Rubber City 2023, Akron Society of Artists 2023, “Kaleidoscope 2020, 2021, “Valley Art Center (Chagrin Falls) “50th Annual Juried Exhibit”, Phyllis Lloyd Award, The Butler Institute of Art “83rd National Midyear”, Honorable Mention.
Artist Statement: Pink is considered a soft, feminine, gentle color but all colors have a dark shade, side as do women.

3- Judy Totts | The Adoration | $350
Watercolor collage
Artist Bio: Judy Totts is a self-taught artist who works in several mediums, including watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic and collage. She also creates Ukrainian pysanky and nesting dolls. She is a long-time member of the Medina County Art League and the Ohio Egg Artists Guild. She also belongs to the Persisters Painters and Potters group.
Artist Statement: The Adoration is a watercolor collage that evolved over the space of several years using techniques learned in a workshop taught by Mel Grunau.

4- Rita Kozak Turocy | Fresh From the Garden | $125
Acrylic paint
Artist Bio: Graduated from the Cooper School of Art with a degree in Fine Art. Influenced by Robert Raack watercolor workshops at Cleveland Institute of Art. Painting landscapes, still lifes and flowers using bright vibrant colors in oil, acrylic and watercolor mediums.
Artist Statement: Inspired by the rich colors found in landscapes and flower gardens, I enjoy painting both outdoors and in my studio. My passion is to capture the beauty of nature that we all share, by using movement and light in the Modern Impressionist style.

5- Janet Hall | Feeling Beachy | $120
Handblown glass
Artist Bio: I started blowing glass at Bowling Green State University some time ago. It wasn’t my Major but I wanted it to be. Years went by and I finally got back into it. Right now, I am working independently a few hours a week to keep my creative side alive. Getting faster, more meticulous, and refined.
Artist Statement: The way I work the glass is a more organic approach. I let it be what it wants to be because there is no forcing it. Heat and thickness along with centrifugal force shape the glass. I choose the colors and guide the glass into shape. That is why no two pieces can ever really be the same. Independently done. Never manufactured.

6- Lee Beuther | Affairs of the Heart | $450
Acrylic and layered paper
Artist Bio: As a people watcher, a lover of nature, books, music, and all art forms, I allow these varied interests to influence and guide me on my artistic journey as I continue to explore new ways to express myself and engage the viewer through my art. I also have a passion for helping new and emerging artists find resources within the community.
Artist Statement: Affairs of the Heart is acrylic and mixed media and I was having fun working with the colors when the heart image appeared. It felt right so I decided to go with it! It was just one of those fun paintings that seemed to paint itself.

7- Chris Kelly | Just Batty | NFS
Artist Bio: Loved art, as a child, then all but stopped when I got to high school. After retirement, took up arting again and am learning and having fun.
Artist Statement: I stopped being creative when I got to high school. Do not ever let anyone do that. Encourage them to keep creating, even if it is sporadic as long as they keep creating and growing.

8- Brad Rice | Cold Wet | $300
Artist Bio: I am married with two kids. I love my family and enjoy doing things with them and exploring our world of beauty, ideas, and the intersection of spirituality and physicality.
Artist Statement: My piece is landscape taken from trekking Ohio and my interest in gestural expression. I love watercolor for its immediacy and the interactive nature of letting color flow with the realization that it has a mind of its own.

9- Deanna Clucas | European City with Buses and Cars | $175
Artist Bio: As a realistic to abstract watercolor and acrylic artist and instructor, Deanna Clucas has been painting since childhood and steadily since 1989 and shows and sells her work in 30+ juried shows a year. After studying with the Art Instruction School and while maintaining a full-time career with Myers Industries and raising her family as a single parent, she earned a degree in Commercial Art and Business Administration from the University of Akron. Taking ongoing watercolor and acrylic classes and workshops since 1989 from the area’s finest artists keeps her work fresh. Her award winning realistic and abstract paintings include colorful local landscapes, still lifes, people, pet and home commissions, some of which are included in private and corporate collections throughout the country. She is also an active member of the Whiskey Painters of America.
As drawing should be the first step in the artistic adventure, Deanna has taught Drawing for the Novice at Cuyahoga Valley Art Center since 2015 and in her home studio.


  • Alliance for the Visual Arts – Kaleidoscope (Chair)
  • Crooked River Gang Cuyahoga Valley Art Center (Drawing for the Novice) Instructor.
  • Hudson Society of Artists (Chair Spring Show) (Chair
  • Clothesline Art Show) (Chair Holiday Show)
  • Medina County Art League (Past President), (Past Vice President) & (Chair Aquarius Exhibition) & Art in the Park committee member.
  • Ohio Watercolor Society
  • The Clever Artisan’s Group
  • Whiskey Painters of America
  • Women in Art
  • Women’s Art League of Akron (Chair Exhibitions) (Past President) (Past Vice President)

Artist Statement: Being involved in any art organization I belong to means a lot of time and effort making that organization successful. One of my main focuses has been organizing the exhibitions and creating artwork to show as well. It’s exciting to be a part of it, getting to know the members and learning the various mediums that are shown.

10- Kathe Lisy | Golden Tones | $375
Mixed media
Artist Bio: After 31 years teaching art to K-12 students, I am enjoying painting for myself every day. I have been drawing and crafting my entire life using a variety of media including pen and ink, watercolor, and now mixed media. I find inspiration in local landscapes, buildings, still life, farm animals and even in my neighbors’ yards. Growing up in Parma all I saw was the sameness in the suburb. Now that I am older, I can appreciate the beauty I experience in my every day life and get inspiration from simple things like a fresh bouquet from the market, how a neighbor places decorations in their yard, or a building I pass by several times each day. This awareness has brought me joy and has inspired the way I see the beauty in little things.
Artist Statement: I love the feel of paper in my hands. It’s weight and texture, and printed design tell me how to use it in my work. Golden Tones is no exception. I found the handmade purple paper in my studio and knew I had to use it. Ripping each flower petal shape, I collaged them onto the canvas creating energy and movement that carries the eye throughout the canvas. The leaves are printed tissue paper that when overlapped show the layers of the prints giving depth and connection from each stem to the ground below. The background paper showed printed music with sections of ornate frames and classic instruments. I painted over the music, leaving the frames and instruments exposed to show the connection between music and the motion of flowers in nature. Lastly, the title Golden Tones ties the visual of garden flowers to the idea of music we see in nature.

11- Betty Siska | Marsh Creek | $300
Artist Bio: Painting has been a life long interest, but career and family took priority for many years. Painting with watercolor initially, I felt there was something “missing” about how I wanted to express myself. Fortunately I was introduced to soft pastels, and knew immediately this was the medium I loved. Because pastels are pure pigment and reflective they allow the artist to create work that sparkles with brilliant color. I paint both en plein air and in the studio. Painting outdoors is truly a wonderful experience and I relish the days when the Cuyahoga Valley Area Plein Air Painters get together to paint. Painting in the studio, however, offers the opportunity to slow down the painting process. Both experiences are good. In addition to being a member of the Cuyahoga Valley Area Plein Air Painters, I am also a member of the Medina County Art League, the Cuyahoga Valley Art Center, the Piedmont Pastel Society, and was a member of the long-standing Crooked River Gang Artist group who exhibited at the M.D. Garage in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I have taken classes and workshops locally, and have been fortunate to have taken workshops from several nationally known pastel and mixed media artists.
Artist Statement: The Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a remarkable area to visit, and a place that I return to frequently to draw inspiration from. I find that it is the quiet, marshy areas that act like a magnet, calling me back to study their texture. Especially, toward the end of the day, these areas become very moody.

12- Carol Klingel | Dancing In the Midst of Dying | $475 
Oil paint on canvas
Artist Bio: B.S. Art Education Kent State University; M.S. Ed University of Akron; Art educator 30 years; memberships: Artists of Rubber City, signature member Akron Society of Artists; Artists of Group Ten, Cuyahoga Valley Art Center, Medina County Art League, PerSisters; numerous group and solo shows and awards.
Artist Statement: Dying flowers hold the same beauty as fresh ones, much like any other life form. We can find joy in understanding that life is a continuous dance through all its different stages.

13- Kelley Butler | Sunshine On My Shoulder | $695
Artist Bio: I’m a self taught artist working in pastels and colored pencils. I have a deep love of animals and have chosen to focus on wildlife and pet portraits in my artwork. I try to capture the essence of each animal in their eyes and try to bring a high level of realism so that the viewer feels they could reach out and touch the texture of the fur.
Artist Statement: In this piece I wanted to capture the feel of a warm, dry autumn sunset upon this beautiful horse while keeping the contrast of shadow and highlights.

14- Steve Vadini | Beauty From Brazil | $75
Acrylic paint, gel pen, and colored pencil on paper
Artist Bio: Hello, my name is Steve and am a proud member of the Medina County Art League. I am a retired teacher who finally had time to try out some new things in life. I began painting two years ago and really appreciate the beauty and creativeness of expressing who and what an individual contributes to his/her world. My wife of almost forty years, Mary, and our two grown children Dominic and Angela have encouraged me to enjoy life and do what is fun and challenging. Art has done that for me. I also am involved in the Adult Clay Classes at Cuddell Fine Arts in Cleveland. Thank you for this opportunity and enjoy all of these wonderful pieces of art.
Artist Statement: These Moth Orchids were in The Botanical Garden of Curitiba, Parana Brazil. They are not grown in the ground but on trees. The photo that I first saw these flowers were from a religious pamphlet featuring a bible verse from Matthew 6: 28-29. Jesus says “Why do you worry about clothes?…Not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these flowers.” This phrase caught my attention because it reminds me of the simple, yet challenging daily quote from Saint Padre Pio to Pray Hope and Don’t Worry.

15- Leslie Conder | Reaching Out | $275
Oil paint
Artist Bio: Leslie Conder is a celebrated oil artist renowned for her captivating depictions of nature. With a keen eye for detail and a profound appreciation for the beauty found in the world around her, Conder’s work transcends traditional landscapes, inviting viewers into a realm where nature’s essence is brought to life on canvas. Drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns of flora and the dynamic interplay of light and shadow, Conder’s art captures the essence of her subjects with remarkable depth and authenticity. Her mastery of the palette knife technique infuses her pieces with texture and movement, adding a dynamic energy that resonates with viewers on an emotional level. While primarily working in oil, Conder occasionally incorporates mixed media elements into her compositions, further enriching the visual experience and allowing her to explore new dimensions of creativity. Through her art, Conder seeks to evoke a sense of wonder and reverence for the natural world, inviting viewers to pause and contemplate the beauty that surrounds them. With each brushstroke, Leslie Conder invites us to see the world through her eyes, revealing the extraordinary within the ordinary and reminding us of the profound connection we share with nature.
Artist Statement: “Reaching Out” explores the simple beauty found in nature and the profound connection between humanity and the world around us. Through my work, I aim to capture the essence of this connection, portraying moments where individuals extend themselves outward, seeking to connect with the world in which they reside. By emphasizing the inherent harmony between humans and nature, I invite viewers to reflect on their own relationship with the natural world and to consider the significance of reaching out and embracing the beauty that surrounds us.

16- Ken Zacharias | Mt. Cook, New Zealand | $150
Artist Bio: Ken loves to travel and uses this experience to create landscapes and city scapes. Although he has attended several workshops, he has no formal training in art, but has been painting since his retirement in 2012.
Artist Statement: I grew up on a farm and this life in the country has inspired my infatuation with landscapes of all kinds, particularly winter landscapes.

17- George Harth | Fire Cave | $350
Acrylic paint on canvas
Artist Bio: George is a long-standing member of the Medina County Art League. He is also a Full Signature Member of the Ohio Watercolor Society. His paintings have been accepted many times by the Ohio Watercolor Society for the juried Annual OWS Exhibition and OWS traveling show. In the past, George painted with only watercolor in a semi-representational fashion. However, he now works in oils, acrylics, watercolor, photography, and the digital arts. He uses oils and acrylics to paint lyrical abstract art. The oils and acrylics are more suited to larger format paintings on canvas than is watercolor.
Artist Statement: The “Fire Cave” is an acrylic painting that is composed in the “lyrical” abstract style. I intended to allow the viewer to develop their own ideas about why this artwork is called the “Fire Cave”. The colors are muted in general, yet there is a glow emitted by the craggy shaped area that invites one into the painting. Is that smoke billowing out of the glowing area? or is this an experiment in color theory? This is not an “in your face”, grasping for the vulgar or dramatic work of art. Rather, my work leans toward the soothing – something you wouldn’t mind having in your “cave” at home.

18- Donna Bargar | Study for Black Birds in the Cornfield | $400
Artist Bio: I am a nature artist working in watercolor and graphite drawings. I paint from nature and found objects that I collect on my walks thru my studio yard. My subject matter is mostly birds , bird nests and landscapes all of which adore to paint . My professional career was working in American Greetings studio designing gift wrap and textile studios designing wallpaper and fabric.
Artist Statement: I am a local nature artist working out of my studio, “The Tiny Wren Studio” in Doylestown Ohio. All the treasures I see and or collect from my studio backyard become my watercolors and drawings. Nature is my connection to everything. It fills my studio and connects me to friends with the same joyful interest.

19- Angela Gasser | Gerber Daisies with Orange | $600
Oil on canvas board
Artist Bio: Angela Gasser is an enthusiastic emerging artist in the realm of contemporary oil painting. Over the past six years, she has delved into the medium, continually exploring and refining her technique to capture the essence of landscapes, still lifes, and portraits. Drawn to vibrant colors and modern interpretations of traditional styles, Angela’s work reflects her ongoing journey of experimentation and growth. Her landscapes convey a sense of wonder and exploration, while her still lifes evoke a playful charm, and her portraits reveal a deep sensitivity to the human spirit. While she humbly acknowledges that mastery is a lifelong pursuit, Angela’s dedication to her craft shines through in every brushstroke. Her art has begun to gain recognition in local exhibitions, where audiences are captivated by her fresh perspective and evolving artistic voice.
Artist Statement: In “Gerber Daisies with Orange,” I strive to capture the essence of still life with a contemporary flair. By juxtaposing the radiant beauty of Gerber daisies with the singular presence of an orange, I aim to evoke a sense of intrigue and wonder. Through this composition, I invite viewers to contemplate the harmony and contrast between elements of nature, sparking a renewed appreciation for the enduring charm of the still life tradition.

20- Teenia Geig | Pears | $250
Mixed media
Artist Bio: Teenia Geig is a southern Medina County artist who enjoys working in mixed media. Her current challenge is to learn to love watercolor again.
Artist Statement: “Pears” was created in response to a personal challenge to step outside the box of my routine and use materials and techniques I had not yet tried.

21- Cindy Craft | Four of a Kind | $275
Colored pencil and acrylic ink on Arches hot press paper
Artist Bio: Cindy Craft is a life-long resident of northeast Ohio. Her paintings and drawings reflect her love of nature and it’s intricate details. She has developed her creative style by drawing from the wisdom and experience of fellow artists and by experimenting independently with various media, including watercolor, colored pencil, and pen and ink. Her work has been exhibited at Cleveland Metroparks Rocky River Nature Center and Oenslager Environmental Center in Wadsworth. She has participated in many Ohio arts festivals and gallery shows. Cindy is a member of Medina County Art League and currently works in her home studio in Berea.
Artist Statement: My work as an artist is an extension of my love for nature and all of it’s intricate details. Through my paintings, I attempt to convey the quiet beauty of the natural world using each season’s fresh array of subjects and subtle light and color palette variations. I enjoy working in several mediums, including watercolor, pen and ink, and colored pencil, and sometimes combine media as I work.

22- Brad Rice | Frozen Spencer Lake | NFS
Artist Bio: A graduate of Myers School of Art at The University of Akron. I experiment with many media and genre, but primarily paint the Ohio landscape with watercolor.
Artist Statement: In the depths of January, Spencer Lake lies frozen and still. Overhanging branches extend toward the lake, their form partially obsucurred by a grid of ochre thickets emerging through the icy surface.

23- Cindy Allman | Emerge | NFS
Acrylic on canvas
Artist Bio: Cindy Allman is a versatile artist who paints in watercolor, acrylic, oil and pastel. She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with experience as an Art Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Cindy is a Signature Member and former Trustee of the Ohio Watercolor Society, former Trustee of the Medina County Arts Council, and the Medina Community Design Committee, and a founding member of both the Plein Air Painters of the Western Reserve and the PerSisters Painters.
Artist Statement: I’m inspired by my environment, both nature and man-made. My goal for every painting is to tell a story, be it the struggles or joys that are part of life. “Emerge” represents rising from a challenging struggle and finding peace.

24- Craig Staufer | Crossing the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern | $1,300
Oil on stretched canvas
Artist Bio: Craig Staufer grew up on a farm in Medina County and spent the last 30 years in a restored 1834 Western Reserve home near Lodi, Ohio. He now resides in Medina, Ohio.
Art has been a pursuit of Craig’s his entire life. He studied at Kent State and the University of Akron as well as expanding his skills with many other artists over the years. He has illustrated books published by his father Al Staufer on New York Central, Pennsylvania, and New Haven railroads. These were painted in the style of the “golden age’ of illustration, influenced by artists such as N C Wyeth and Howard Pyle. The farm life and rural upbringing are also heavy influences on Craig’s art. Craig loves to depict local nature and historic settings and architecture. He works primarily in oil paint and is a devoted practitioner of the “plein air” method of painting. That is where you take your painting gear out on location and generally create a piece in one setting.
“When I am out in nature, I get feelings that comes from beneath the surface of whatever environment I am in. My goal is to convey that deeper sense of a subject in the hope that the viewer will also get a sense of the mood or impression of the scene.”
Artist Statement: This work is about crossroads that we all encounter throughout life. Are you moving forward towards the future or looking back to the past. Both choices are offered with this painting.

25- Laurie Musser | Gallant | $800
Digital drawing on metallic paper
Artist Bio: As a nature lover from as far back as I can remember, exploring and observing the outdoors has always been a fascinating experience. I grew up spending many long days on the farm and hiking through the Pennsylvanian forests. Drawing domestic animals and wildlife came naturally to me. Following high school I attended The Art Institute Of Pittsburgh where I met my husband David. We spent the next two decades raising our family and working on staff as illustrators full time in the social expression industry. This experience gave me the confidence to go launch my own studio taking private commissions along with commercial freelance work. Today my art takes me in a number of different directions. I split my time between creating fine art wildlife drawings, surface pattern design for fabric, wall paper and home decor and oddly enough, I also create numismatic designs for the US Mint which includes medals, circulating and commemorative coins. Wildlife and nature subjects continue to be at the top of my list when creating. I am inspired by a good documentary, a trip to a zoo, an excursion to an exotic place or even a jaunt through a local park. My own back yard yields a never ending variety of feathered friends to study. I am always looking and listening, finding ways to satisfy the never ending desire to create. Take some time for yourself. Get out. Be still. Listen.
Artist Statement: This guy, full of majesty and always entertaining. I never tire of observing his antics along with his mate. GALLANT, a suitable title for this noble creature. Fly on the nose or no? The original drawing was square. 18”x 18”. Some reformatting gave him a more dramatic appearance. He is part of an ongoing series which will include his mate one day soon.

26- Patricia Tilk | Grief | $625
Artist Bio: Hi, my name is Patricia Tilk and I am an artist born and raised in Cleveland and now residing in Medina. I really enjoy drawing and using my pencils for the finished pictures. I am self taught and begin drawing in earnest in 1993. I enjoy drawing faces and hands and looking into their eyes and seeing their personalities and capturing that on paper. My pieces have traveled to Toledo, Ohio, Csongrad Hungary, Ukraine, Poland and Russia as well many U.S . shows winning awards. I enjoy reading, mostly mysteries and historical. When not reading and drawing I love to bake and work in my yard.
Artist Statement: I simply enjoy people. I respond to their humor, their wisdom, their dignity as related in their faces, their gestures and their hands. Emotionally, my pleasure lies in the formation of a thought in time. Faces and hands–void of possessions and backgrounds coupled with the action of light on remarkable faces reveals to me their reality. Working in pencil and black and white gives my work the impact of the moment. All I draw reveals dignity and emotional intensity. Self taught and born in Cleveland I began drawing in 1993. My work is highly realistic and tightly rendered. I work with graphite pencils in a layering procedure building from light to dark and completing the eyes first. I build the texture slowly and for blending may use stumps, tissue or rags. They may take from 100-200 hours to complete. I have also played with some color and abstract acrylic paintings. Vague figures and forms but my love is graphite and realism.

27- Janet Baran | Williamsburg | NFS
Artist Bio: Retired art teacher
Artist Statement: On one of my stays in Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas, I looked for an interesting view of the Palace. It is truly one of my favorite places. It was important to me to paint each brick since there are so many colors. The coup was the frame I found in a garage sale.

28- Ryan Maibach | Landscape #1 – Autumn River | $1,242
Oil on canvas
Artist Bio: Ryan Maibach is originally from Orrville, Ohio and is now a longtime resident of Medina, Ohio where he lives with his wife Brandi and two daughters. A graduate of The Cleveland Institute of Art (BFA Industrial Design ’09), Ryan is a UX/UI Design Lead with a 15 year career in the outdoor consumer products space with multiple patents for products like robotic lawnmowers. Technology has always been a significant interest. In the last year Ryan joined the Medina County Art league to be more part of the local art community and fulfill a goal to return to painting, drawing and other forms of creative expression. Mediums of interest, charcoal and pastels, ceramics, oil painting, photography, graphic design and digital.
Artist Statement: Picking up the brush again after a very long time away from painting has been such a joy. This work represents my love of color and my interest in abstraction but also the love of landscapes and nature. The idea that every brush stroke matters is something I have thought about a lot, the texture of the paint, the verticality of the stoke, the seeming randomness with intention. The choice of a square canvas comes from thumbnail sketches that I often do on Post-It notes as brief mental relief moments during busy days. This is a theme that I am currently exploring further as I return to oil on canvas.

29- Barbara Johns | Daisies | $200
Artist Bio: Barbara Johns – Artists Beginning her artistic journey some 50 odd years ago, Barbara medium of choice was watercolor. Studying with a few watercolor artists she admires has helped her hone her technique and define her style. The past 15 – 20 years she has been play and experimenting with multi media. Watercolor remains her first love and will always be part of her life.
Artist Statement: I tend to paint simple subjects and like to use color to lead me through my paintings.

30- Bonnie Khavaran | Autumn Fantasy | $165
Acrylic paint
Artist Bio: From Easton, PA. BFA Pratt Institute M.Ed and D.Ed the Pennsylvania State University Taught many levels, High School, Universities (East Carolina, Bloomsburg, Kutztown, Cuyahoga County Community College and Kent State) Middle School and K – 6. The best was the last and enjoyed every minute of my teaching experience. Exhibited in local and national venues. Won Best in Show at the Marble Arch Gallery for metalwork and painting represented in the Cleveland mural: Local Colors/Local Artists sponsored by Sherwin Williams.
Artist Statement: Making art since the age of 4, each art making experience has been an adventure in problem solving and learning. In the art submitted I chose to use acrylic paint which was different from my previous paintings in oil paint. From there I started using alternative materials with acrylics making mixed media pieces. I am still developing from that experience and will continue to be an experimenter and inventor in art making.

31- William Beuther | Afternoon Shower | NFS
Artist Bio: Bill’s interest in photography began in junior high school when he set up a darkroom in his parents’ basement. That interest continued over the years as he explored different approaches and formats, including video at both amateur and semi-professional levels, but always remained secondary to the needs of career and family. His lifelong interest blossomed in 2002 when his early retirement from college administration gave him the opportunity to immerse himself in photography, and the advent of digital SLR cameras offered new opportunities to express his creativity. He started a successful photography business after finding he enjoyed capturing the feelings, moods, and candid moments at weddings and events. He also loves creating images of landscapes, urban settings, and wildlife. Regardless of the venue, Bill’s goal is always the same; to photograph something that moves him in a way that shares that emotion with the viewer. He is active in the local arts community and his work has been recognized through awards and acceptance into juried shows. Whether bicycling across Europe with a camera strapped to his back or shooting scenes at a local park, Bill’s enthusiasm for photography is infectious. He sees it as the perfect medium for a guy transitioning from button-down shirts to jeans and sneakers.
Artist Statement: It is late afternoon and a brief rain shower has cleared the streets in the small town of Portovenere, Italy. I love how the rain clears the air and enhances colors.

32- James Laughlin | Dream Twelve | $3,000
Artist Bio: James C. Laughlin is a 1970 graduate of Bowling Green State University where he studied Art and Commercial Design. He taught in a public school system from 1970-1988. In 2001, using his Design background, he patented an exhaust baffles system used on a wide range of vehicles which now supports Spiral Turbo Specialties, Inc. In 2021 J C Laughlin began design painting geometric paintings from an old sketch book from 1966-68 that was never completed while at BGSU.
Artist Statement: I paint simply to paint a design that was started 50+ years ago and like everyone ” life” got in the way……
If I happen to sell a painting hopefully it will be enjoyed like I have enjoyed painting it………..
JC Laughlin

33- Katherine Stokes-Shafer | Out To Dry | $600
Artist Bio: I have taught landscape design, lectured and have worked for over 25 years as a landscape designer. In the last 15 years, I wanted to expand my creative talents so I took up painting. My ideas come from photographs I’ve taken on trips. I capture images that I want to paint later – not to copy, but to be inspired by. Inspiration can occur anywhere: A reflection in a glass block, people resting, light on a tree or flower, looking down on people crossing a cross walk – like notes on a staff of music, and a pealing poster on a wall in Berlin. My intent is to capture an image and take that image on a journey through the process of painting. Adding layers, colors, textures and line to form the composition. As an artist, I am continually pushing myself to try new ways of taking what I see and changing it to draw the viewer in so they can experience the image for themselves.
Artist Statement: This painting is one of a series of paintings I did on laundry. The photo used for this painting was taken on Mykonos island, Grece, where there is very little electricity and everyone hangs out their laundry from evry place possible. I just liked the looking up and seeing shirts blowing in the breeze.

34- Linda Kenski | Fortress | $225
Alcohol ink on Yupoa
Artist Bio: Linda Kenski has painted in many mediums including oils, acrylic, pastels, watercolors and most recently alcohol ink abstracts on Yupo paper. She loves the what happens naturally with the interaction of alcohol inks with alcohol on a slippery paper. Many of these abstract paintings present as vivid landscapes. She and her husband, Tom, have resided in Medina County for over 50 years.
Artist Statement: Fortress is painted with alcohol ink on Yupo paper. It is an abstract fantasy landscape. A fortress and mesa can be seen emerging in the distance.

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