Thinking Large, Working Small | Kenn Hetzel


This body of work consists of one hundred small scale stone sculptures that also act as maquettes for large scale pieces that may or may not be constructed. The main medium, stone, is combined with metal, wood, and miscellaneous found objects.


“I would like to dedicate my first solo exhibition to my daughter Brandi Hetzel, who died on January 2, 2022, and my close friend Lenny Balk who died on December 6, 2021 after long illnesses. They not only supported me and my work over the years but directly or indirectly influenced some of the pieces I created.”

-Kenn Hetzel


Artist’s Statement

After visiting Storm King Sculpture Gardens in Windsor, New York and the studio and sculpture gardens of Chuck Herndon on Kelly’s Island, Ohio I decided to combine aspects of both and begin a series of works consisting of one hundred small scale stone sculptures. Thinking Large / Working Small began in 2017 and was completed in 2020. Inspiration for my works vary greatly as does the sculptures themselves. Stone being the main medium is sometimes combined with metal, wood and miscellaneous found objects. Though the one hundred works represent a completed series they also act as maquettes for large scale pieces that may or may not be constructed of the same material for interior or exterior placement. Ultimately the scale, number of pieces and the fact there are no titles will challenge viewers to look closely and provide their own narrative to the meaning of each piece in a medium that is usually overlooked in today’s art venues.”

Special thanks to Bradley Hart, Summit Artspace resident artist, for photography of virtual exhibitions!

If you are interested in commissioning larger versions of the maquettes on view in this exhibition please contact a volunteer or Natalie Grieshammer Patrick, or 330.376.8480 ex. 1.

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1 | Stone, 2”h x 3.50”w x 1.25”d   
2 | Stone, 2”h x 4.50”w x 3.50”d     
3 | Stone, 2”h x 4”w x 3”d   
4 | Stone, 4.50”h x 2.50”w x 1.20”d 
5 | Stone, 1.25”h x 5”w x 1.75”d   
6 | Stone, 2”h x 3.50”w x 2.25”d 
7 | Stone,  2.50”h x 2.25”dw x 2.50”d    
8 | Stone, 3”h x 1.75”w x 1.75”d    
9 | Stone, 1.75”h x 4.50”w x 2”d  
10 | Stone, 1.75”h x 1.75”w x 1.25”d   
11 | Stone, 4”h x 11.75”w x 1.50”d  
12 | Stone, 2”h x 3”w x 3”d 
13 | Stone, 1.75”h x 5”w x 3”d   
14 | Stone,  3.50”h x 2.50”w x 2.”d  
15 | Stone, 4”h x 2”w x 2”d  
16 | Stone, 4.50”h x 2”w x 1.50”d   
17 | Stone, 2”h x 3”w x 2.25”d   
18 | Stone, 5”h x 3”w x 2”d 
19 | Stone, 3”h x 4”w x 2”d    
20 | Stone, 2.25”h x 1.50”w x 1.50”d    
21 | Stone, 3”h x w & d vary  
22 | Stone, 2”h x w & d vary


23 | Stone,  3”h x 6.50”w x 1.75”d 
24 | Stone, 5”h x 2.25”w x 2.25”d   
25 | Stone, wood, 3”h x 7”w x 1.50”d   
26 | Stone,  1”h x 2”h x 5”w x 2”d   
27 | Stone,  metal, 1.75”h x w & d vary  
28 | Stone, wood, 3”h x 9”w x 2”d  
29 | Stone, wood, 5”h x 3.25”w x 2”d 
30 | Stone, 3.25”h x 4.25”w x 2”d
31 | 1.50”h x 4.50”w x 3”d           
32 | Stone, metal, 4.50”h x 2”w x 2”d 
33 | Stone, 2”h x 3.50”w x 1”d   
34 | Stone,  1.50”h x 3”w x 2.75”d  
35 | Stone,  3.50”h x1.75”d x 2.50”l  
36 | Stone,  1.75”h x 1.50”d x 3.50”l  
37 | Stone,  1” x 2.50” x 3.50”   
38 | Stone,  2.50”h x 1.25”d x 3”l   
39 | Stone,  3”h x 1.75”w x 1.50”d 
40 | Stone,  3”h x 4”w x 3.50”d  


41 | Stone, 1.50”h x 3”w x 1.50”d
42 | Stone, 4”h x 1.75”w x 1.50”d
43 | Stone, metal, 6”h x #”w x 2”d
44 | Stone, metal, 4.50”h x 3”w x 2”d
45 | Stone, 5”h 2.50”w x 2.50”d
46 | Stone, 3”h x 3”w x 1.75”d
47 | Stone, wood, thread, 4.50”h x 4.50”w x 2.50”d
48 | Stone, 2”h x 3.50 ”w x 1.50”d
49 | Stone, found object, 4 ”h x 2”w x 2.50”d
50 | Stone, root, 4”h x 3 .50”w x 3.50”d
51 | Stone, 2 ”h x 4.25”w x 2”d
52 | Stone, 2 .50”h x 3.50”w x 3.50”d
53 | Stone, wood, 8”h x 5”w x 2”d
54 | Stone, 1.50”h x 3”w x .75”d
55 | Stone, metal, 4.50”h x 5”w x 3”d
56 | Stone, 4.50”h x 4”w x 1.25”d
57 | Stone, 1.50”h x 3.50”w x 2”d
58 | Stone, wood, 3”h x 5”w x 3”d
59 | Stone, 3”h x 2”w x 1.50”d
60 | Stone, wood, paint, 1.50”h x 5.50”w x 2.25”d
61 | Stone, cast aluminum, 1.50”h x 4”w x 3”d


62 | Stone,1.50”h x 4”w x 1.50”d
63 | Stone, 4.50”h x 2.50”w x 2”d
64 | Stone, 6”h x 3”w x 2.50”d
65 | Stone, 2.50”h x 3”w x 2”d
66 | Stone, 4”h x 3”w x 2”d
67 | Stone, metal, 2”h x 7”w x 1.50”d
68 | Stone, metal, 3.50”h x 3”w x 1.25”d
69 | Stone, 2”h x 3.50”w x 2”d
70 | Stone, 2.50”h x 3”w x 3”d
71 | Stone, wood, 4.50”h x 3.50”w x 2.50”d
72 | Stone, 1.50”h x 4”w x 4”d
73 | Stone, 2.50”h x 4”w x 2.50”d
74 | Stone, 2”h x 2.50”w x 2”d
75 | Stone, 2.25”h x 1.25”w x 1.25”d
76 | Stone, 3”h x 4”w x 2”d
77 | Stone, 2“h x 3.50”w x 1.25”d
78 | Stone, 3.50”h x2.75”w x 2.25”d
79 | Stone, 3”h x 3.50”w x 2.50”d
80 | Stone, metal, 4.50”h x 4”w x 3”d
81 | Stone, wood, 5”h x 5”w x 4”d
82 | Stone, ebony, 3”h x 2”w x 3.25”d
83 | Stone, metal, 2”h x 12”w x 2”d
84 | Stone, 2”h x 3.50”w x 3”d
85 | Stone, wood, 2.25”h x 5”w x .75”d
86 | Stone, wood, 6” x 1.50”w x 1.50”d
87 | Stone, plastic mesh, 2”h x 5.50”w x 2.50d
88 | Stone, wood, metal, 2.50”h x 3.75”w x 2.75”d
89 | Stone, wood, 3.50”h x 4”w x 2.50”d
90 | Stone, metal, 4”h x w & d vary
91 | Stone, metal, 2.75h x 3”w x 2”d
92 | Stone, 4.25”h x 1.50”w x 1.25”d
93 | Stone, metal, 6”h 3.50”w x 2”d
94 | Stone, 3”h x 3.50”w x 3”d
95 | Stone, bone, 1.50”h x 5”w x 2”d
96 | Stone, 5.25h x 1.50”w x 1.50”d
97 | Stone, wood, metal, 3”h x 2.50”w x 2.25”d
98 | Stone, 2.50”h x 5”w x 1.75”d
99 | Stone, 4”h x 5”w x 2”d
100 | Stone, wood, 5”h x 2.50”d x 2.50”l

Two large sculptures inspired by the 100 |  Stone and metal

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