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This immersive and interactive course is designed to support your growth as an artist by giving you the tools you need to develop your vision, goals, and communications. The program is structured so that you can connect with your peers in the course as well as the local artists and business professionals leading the workshops. Emerging literary, performing, and visual artists of all kinds will have something to gain from this program. 

Program attendees will receive workbooks to help build on the knowledge gained in each workshop. Coffee and breakfast items will be provided. 

This program is great for emerging artists who are looking for the next step in your career.  

You might be: 

  • Rediscovering your art after several years 
  • A recent graduate from an art school program  
  • A self-taught artist gaining momentum 
  • An artist who needs a refresher on business-related skills 

2024 Program Dates: 

Saturdays, April 13 – May 18  &  June 1, 2024, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
In person at Summit Artspace

There is no fee to apply. If accepted, the participation fee is a self-selecting amount between $50-$250. The program is valued at $1,750 per participant and has been generously subsidized by the the ArtsForward grant program at ArtsNow. If the participation fee is a concern and you need assistance with attending, please contact  

If you have any questions about the program or need assistance completing your application, please contact Natalie Grieshammer Patrick, Director of Artist Resources, at or 330.376.8480 ex.1. 

2024 Application Deadline is Friday, March 22 at 11:59 p.m.

2024 Schedule & Instructors


Neema Bal 
Katie Beck 
Kristen Dowey 
Dara Harper 
Tyron Hoisten
Micah Kraus 
Eva Kwong 
Drew Ippoliti 
Nick Lee 
Heather Meeker 
Meghan Meeker 
Marissa McClellan 
Matt Miller 
Dominic Moore-Dunson 
Ashley Moore-Dunson
Natalie Grieshammer Patrick 
Barbara Sabol 
Jeri Lee Sapronetti 
Arnold Tunstall 
Chanda Woodall 


Week 1- Where are you NOW?


Setting the Stage 
Introductions to the schedule content, goals of the course, and how to make the most of it  

Analyzing Your Current Place  
This activity will help you evaluate your current strengths and identify opportunities to strengthen your skills 

Networking Mixer 
Mingle with current and past participants of the program, peer local artists, along with instructors of the course 

Week 2- What Do You Want to Do with Your Art? 


Releasing Limiting Beliefs  
Led by an established local artist, this activity will help you shed any self-imposed beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your goals 

Your Ideal Life as an Artist  
This session will help you create a vision for your career as an artist that centers your creative practice 

Week 3- How Will You Get There?


Making Goals Work for You  
This session will give you the tools you need to create realistic, concrete goals to support your artistic practice and get you to the next phase of your career

Forming Good Habits  
Participants will hear from established local artists on how to create habits that make your goals achievable while centering your art 

Week 4- What Makes Your Art Unique?


Essential Elements of Your Practice  
An established local artist will lead a self-reflective activity to help you focus-in on what is unique and essential about your artistic practice 

Leveraging Your Unique Selling Points 
A business professional will give you the tools you need to transform the distinctive qualities of your art into a brand

Week 5- How Will You Talk About It?


Building Relationships & Gaining Believers  
Through the lens of an established local artist, discover the process of talking about your work in a way that will gain believers  

Your Communications Strategy  
Using information from the previous session, a business professional will help you develop strategic content to reach your target audiences online

Week 6- How Will it Work?


Business, Not Hobbies  
Participants will hear from established local artists on how to structure their arts business and pricing strategies 

Making Art Work 
This session will feature a panel of artists from a variety of artistic disciplines- literary, performing, and visual- so that you can hear from your artist peers in the community about how to gain opportunities in your respective genres

Week 7- Where are you going NEXT?


Hosted at the Akron Art Museum!

Welcome Session
Remarks from local arts leaders will encourage you on your continued journey as an artist

Each participant will share the highlights of vision, goals, next steps for your career as an artist

Summit Artspace entrepreneurial artist programming is made possible, in part, by the ArtsForward grant program at ArtsNow.

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