TinkeRings, Kristina Malcolm


Kinetic jewelry is elevated to fine art through exquisite craftsmanship and creates a healing experience for the wearer.

Artist Statement

Right now, you may be looking at this work and thinking that it is an exhibition of very expensive fidget spinners. In a way, you may be right. But allow me to convince you why they are much more than that. My research focuses on creating wearable, functional, works that inspire curiosity and heals the body. As opposed to the repetitive nature of a fidget spinner in which the outcome is always the same, the outcome of interacting with my work is more fluid. Each time you interact with one of these rings, something different happens; much like solving a puzzle, the first moments of the creative process, and play. These experiences undo the negative effects of stress on the body and help the body heal.  

By doing something we have never done before and pausing to consider something, our brains create new neural connections. New connections promote brain health. This, in turn, helps our body stay healthy longer and decreases the chance of developing autoimmune diseases, mental illness, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Creative explorations also improve relaxation while simultaneously acting in the mind as a simulant which fuels imagination and creativity while enhancing problem solving skills and improving emotional well-being. Studies have proven that adult play increases joy, relieves stress, supercharges learning, and makes work more productive and pleasurable. Each of these pieces strive to give the wearer new and creative experiences each time it is worn, bringing health and joy.

11- Opening Flower Ring 20- Power Twins Activate Ring 1- Bead Maze Ring 13- Toy Truck Ring 17- Sewing Ring 9- Glow in the Darks Beads Ring 4- Channel Drop 12- Iron Fractals Ring 8- Diamond Drop Ring 3- Cup and Ball Ring 6- Toy Rabbit Car Knuckle Ring 16- Crazy Eight Ring 15- Glow in the Dark Snow Globe Ring 12- Iron Fractals Ring 19- Toy Car Ring 10- Lava Lamp Ring 5- Honey Ring 14- Nesting Ring 18 Magnet Sandwich Ring 21- Image Transfer Ring 2- Magnet Stacker Ring

7- Magnifying Ring

Special thanks to Bradley Hart, Summit Artspace resident artist, for photography of virtual exhibitions!

If you would like to purchase any art, please visit a staff member or volunteer in the Main Gallery, or email natalie@summitartspace.org.

Bead Maze Ring | $1,680
Sterling silver, carnelian, brass

Magnet Stacker Ring | $230
Sterling silver, magnets

Cup and Ball Ring | $1,799
Sterling silver and flourite

Channel Drop | $2,100
Sterling silver and various gemstones

Honey Ring | $1,399
Sterling silver and honey

Toy Rabbit Car Knuckle Ring | $196
Plexiglass and sterling silver

Magnifying Ring | $1,400
Sterling silver and magnifying glass

Diamond Drop Ring | $2,850
Sterling silver, glass, natural diamonds

Glow in the Darks Beads Ring | $1,569
Sterling silver, glass, glow in the dark glass beads

Lava Lamp Ring | $1,299
Sterling silver, oil, water

Opening Flower Ring | $2,198
Sterling silver and magnets

Iron Fractals Ring | $2,599

Sterling silver, glass, koroit opal, iron filings, magnet, paper

Toy Truck Ring | $160
Plexiglass and sterling silver

Nesting Ring | $899
Sterling silver

Glow in the Dark Snow Globe Ring | $1,499
Silver, glycerine, glow in the dark powder

Crazy Eight Ring | $90
Sterling silver

Sewing Ring | $159
Sterling silver and copper

Magnet Sandwich Ring | $139
Sterling silver, magnets

Toy Car Ring | $130
Sterling silver and plexi glass

Power Twins Activate Ring | $890
Sterling silver, magnets

Image Transfer Ring | $2,340
Sterling silver

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