Adana Tillman, Black Joy: The Opal Onyx


In Black Joy, you will be presented with images of self-expression, identity and thought. With this body of work,I wanted to explore the vast range of self-expression, creativity, and joy of individuals of the African Diaspora. I took this time exploring patterns and hand dying techniques that would increase the textural composition of the work. There are collaged fabrics from all aspects of my travels from the attic collection of mother, to the local mom n’ pop shop and the open-air markets of Tanzania. The individuals depicted in my work boast the individuality of the subjects and explores their search of identity. Aspects such as the hair, body language, and clothing are all chosen exclusively to the personality. Unique details such as hand embroidery and beading can be found throughout the body of work. Uninterrupted time spent at the Hambidge Residencyin Georgialed to the develop of this work, with solitude and artist comrade, time spent away from the everyday rustics led to the actualization of my perspective.


Adana Tillman b.1985

Adana Tillman born in Akron, Ohio now based in Atlanta, GA as an artist working in fiber/textiles. She first began at an early age helping her mother to create quilts and tackle other creative projects. Her training began with magnet arts programs throughout high school into college. She examines figurative portraiture within the urban landscape, focusing on individuals throughout the African Diaspora incorporating various textiles and hand embroidery.

After being awarded the 2019 Garden Fellowship with TILA studios, she has exhibited most recently with PRIZM in Miami for Art Basel in 2019. Most recent accomplishments include a residency with Hambidge Creative Center in August 2020, The Sprite Give Back Grant recipient and GANMWA grant recipient. In the future, she plans to focus on becoming multidisciplinary, incorporating installations and large scale works into her practice.

If you are interested in purchasing any artwork from this exhibition please contact Heather Meeker.

  • Adinkrahene
  • Bonita
  • Confidence
  • Girlfriends
  • Hindsight 20/20
  • I'm That Kind Of Girl
  • It's the Curls for Me
  • Mohawk
  • Reminisce
  • Wild Thoughts
  • Loungin'


Fabric with hand embroidery with silk ribbon 2020


24×36 inches


Appliqued fabric with hand embroidery 2020


32.5x 88 inches

Wild Thoughts

Appliqued fabric on hand dyed textiles with hand embroidery and beading 2020


80 x 45 inches


Appliqued fabric on hand dyed textiles and hand embroidery 2020


67 x 79.5 inches


Quilted fabric on African wax textiles with hand embroidery, including silk ribbon 2020


25×36 inches


Fabric and african wax print on hand dyed textiles 2020


80 x 50 inches 

Hindsight 20/20

Appliqued textiles on fabric with hand bleached details 2020


24×36 inches

It’s the Curls for Me

Appliqued fabrics on textiles with hand bleached details



25×36 inches


Appliqued fabrics on hand dyed textiles with hand quilted details 2020


44.5 x 78.5 inches


Appliqued fabric with hand embroidery and beading 2017
12 x 22.5 inches


12 x 22.5 inches

I’m That Kinda Girl

Appliqued fabrics on hand relief printed textiles with hand embroidery 2020


52 x 65 inches



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