Wall to Wall Fall 2022

Life Along the Portage Path | Tina Elkins, Diane Pribojan, Meaghan Reed, Sylvia Sykes

Summit Artspace resident organization Stewards of Historical Preservation (SHiP) presents Life Along the Portage Path, an exhibition featuring Tina Elkins, Diane Pribojan, Meaghan Reed, and Sylvia Sykes. These local artists examine the Portage Path, an important historical landmark, and its place within the collective memory of Akronites.

1- Tina Elkins | Ghost Tree of Portage Path | $2400
Encaustic, oil, ink, mixed media
(Prefers to sell the piece as one or as pairs- reach out to
Summit Artspace to confirm price)

2- Meaghan Reed | The Trail | $650
Wood, acrylic, plexi

3- Sylvia Sykes | Seneca Male | $300
Acrylic on canvas

4- Sylvia Sykes | Seneca Female | $300
Acrylic on canvas

5- Diane Pribojan | Akron Portage | $450
Acrylic on paper

Joan Colbert

Joan Colbert, a graduate of The University of Akron, works in mixed-media painting, printmaking, and collage. Her works are typically based on literature with thematic elements and motifs including blackbirds and trees. Her mixed-media pieces differ from her prints, of which are grayscale, and instead are colorful, textured, and sometimes abstract.

1- Night Vision(s) | $95
Relief print

2- The Pickerel Prince | $95
Relief print

3- Belle Empoisonneuse | $850
Relief print

4- Crowfoot | $95
Relief print

5- Little Frogs | $95
Relief print

Shannon Welsh

Shannon Welsh is a painter and graduate of Kent State University. Her work explores the tension between transparency and opacity; loss and presence; organic and manmade.

1- Matryoshka (Russia Nesting Doll) | NFS
Oil on canvas

2- Accumulating | NFS
Oil on fabric

3- A Sun-drenched After | NFS
Oil on canvas

4- Oscillate | NFS
Oil on canvas

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