Current Exhibitions

Betty and Howard Taylor Main Gallery

20th Annual FRESH Juried Exhibition

Juried by Pita Brooks, mixed media artist and Executive Director of Akron Soul Train, the annual FRESH exhibition challenges local artists to push the boundaries of what art can be—stylistically, conceptually, and technically—and challenges the viewer to see the world through a new lens.

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Welcome Gallery

Bad Nostalgia | Katherine Strobel

This series focuses on memory and candidness of a scene or subject. The people pictured are painted from life or candid photographs, which are then emphasized from a naive image into something more. In Strobel’s work, the watercolor’s materiality is often indicative of memory because of its ephemeral quality and transparent layers.

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Intersections Gallery & Hallways

Taking Care of Our House: Communities Coming Together and Making a Difference | Group Exhibition

Local students, teachers, and school leaders come together with the organization Art for Resistance Through Change (ART-C) in this intergenerational art exhibition to promote meaningful change. Artists encourage the public to actively engage in addressing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

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Forum Gallery

Waffle Weave Invitational | Group Exhibition

The Waffle Weave structure has a unique ability to transform a textile—seemingly a two-dimensional surface—into a three-dimensional object with depth through repeated pyramidal cells. Historically, this structure was used to create highly functional textiles for cleaning or drying, and to help insulate the body with tiny pockets of air. In this exhibition, fiber artists and craftspeople explore the many ways this weave structure can be used.

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Horizon Gallery

Nobody Here | David Kruk

A Vision of Empowerment

This selection of artworks from individuals with disabilities exemplifies the passion and excitement these artists have for the world around them. Artists on view explore themes of nature, joy, and fantasy in their work. The goal behind this display is to connect with Akron ArtWalk’s March theme of “Empowering All Abilities”, in recognition of National Disability Awareness Month.

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