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Betty and Howard Taylor Main Gallery

20th Annual Kaleidoscope Juried Exhibition

Kaleidoscope is an annual holiday show presented by the Alliance for the Visual Arts (AVA). This show is open to all members of AVA organizations: Akron Society of Artists (ASA), Artists of Rubber City (AoRC), Cuyahoga Valley Art Center (CVAC), and Women’s Art League of Akron (WAL). This year’s juror is Francisca Ugalde Zapico, Curator at The University of Akron’s Institute for Human Science and Culture at the Cummings Center for the History of Psychology.

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Welcome Gallery

In Bloom | Sarah Nolan

Sarah Nolan’s creations of flora represent what a utopian society might consist of: the beauty of plants and natural environments that have been respected and encouraged to roam freely, thriving as they once did. Colors dance from place to place powered by chaotic energy, offering a breath of life to the viewer.

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Intersections Gallery

Working Through Time | Artists of Group 10 Member Exhibition

The Artists of Group Ten is a consortium of experienced visual artists who are at the apex of their careers. Individually, their work has appeared in hundreds of regional, national, and international exhibitions. The group represents a wide range of visual expressions and much of their work is inspired by themes and subject matter within the northeast Ohio region.

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Forum Gallery

Caught Up in The Branches | Avery Mags Duff and Matt Kurtz

Two Akron-based artists come together to explore city trees and the surrounding detritus and debris that they live in. Avery Mags Duff and Matt Kurtz create very different work, but it is tied together through their interest in robust and overgrown plant life in Akron, and natural hideouts and holdouts throughout the city.

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Horizon Gallery

little by little and was by was | Mike Alejandro

Mike Alejandro creates large-scale portraits and sceneries of intimate details and historical narratives from memory. Threading connections between small, immediate personal stories and large, political/fabled narratives, Alejandro contextualizes them together, flattening the distance between the stories that consume our lives and what we can
see and touch.

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Wall to Wall

Wall to Wall is a program that showcases the work of Summit Artspace resident artists throughout the building’s hallways. 

Life Along the Portage Path Tina Elkins, Diane Pribojan, Meaghan Reed, Sylvia Sykes 

Summit Artspace resident organization Stewards of Historical Preservation (SHiP) presents Life Along the Portage Path, an exhibition featuring Tina ElkinsDiane PribojanMeaghan Reed, and Sylvia Sykes. These local artists examine the Portage Path, an important historical landmark, and its place within the collective memory of Akronites. 

Solo exhibition by resident artist Joan Colbert 

Joan Colberta graduate of The University of Akron, works in mixed-media painting, printmaking, and collage. Her works are typically based on literature with thematic elements and motifs including blackbirds and trees. Her mixed-media pieces differ from her prints, of which are grayscale, and instead are colorful, textured, and sometimes abstract. 

Solo exhibition by resident artist Shannon Welsh 

Shannon Welsh is a painter and graduate of Kent State University. Her work explores the tension between transparency and opacity; loss and presence; organic and manmade. 

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