The Art of Rex Mitchell

The Art of Rex Mitchell

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A collection of acrylic paintings by local artist Rex Mitchell, this exhibition came to fruition as part of Summit Artspace’s continued partnership with Summit DD. Stylistically, Mitchell’s work is reminiscent of French Impressionism and
Post-Impressionism and thematically, he references famous artworks such as The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough. Mitchell wants the viewer to know that he loves Monet, and he loves painting!

Did you know?

Most of the artwork on display at Summit Artspace is for sale.
Click on the artwork images for pricing and more information about each piece. 

If you would like to purchase any art, please visit a staff member or volunteer at the front desk, or email

1- Abyss | $15
Acrylic paint on canvas

2- Untitled 3 | $50
Acrylic paint on canvas

3- Paris | NFS
Acrylic paint on canvas

4- Blue Boy | NFS
Acrylic paint on canvas

5- Untitled | $250
Acrylic paint on canvas

6- Tea Party | $15
Acrylic paint on canvas

7- Strause | $20
Acrylic paint on canvas board

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