Black Spaces: Defying Social Constructs | Crystal Miller

Black Spaces: Defying Social Constructs | Crystal Miller

Horizon Gallery

Afro-futurism is a cultural aesthetic that combines themes such as fantasy and history to explore the African-American experience. This concept gives artist Crystal Miller, and many others, a platform to thrive in: “one where we can imagine ourselves achieving great things without external troubles.” Through her exhibition, Miller invites viewers into an otherworldly safe space filled with vibrant colors, dripping jewels/gems, and reflective glitter.

Special thanks to Bradley Hart, Summit Artspace resident artist, for photography of virtual exhibitions!

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1- Diamond | $1,800
Mixed media on canvas

2- Divine | $2,000
Mixed media on canvas

3- Aliyah’s Angels | $3,000
Mixed media on canvas

4- Bejeweled | $2,000
Mixed media on canvas

5- Lush | NFS
Mixed media

6- Opulence | $1,700
Mixed media on canvas

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