Mourning What’s Not Yet Lost | Tamsyn Kuehnert

Mourning What’s Not Yet Lost | Tamsyn Kuehnert

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Artwork by Cleveland Institute of Art student Tamsyn Kuehnert, will explore the world from above. Using earth-derived pigments, sewing techniques and scrap materials, Kuehnert’s paintings are abstracted topographical maps that serve as a reflection of our natural world from a new perspective. With the dread that comes with the news of the climate crisis, these paintings take on an optimistic role. With artistic renditions of the natural world, each painting searches for beauty while still acknowledging the ongoing despair.

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1- 14°47’16”N 83°5’01”W | $200
Watercolor on canvas
18″ x 33″

2- 15°39’36”N 84°9’08”W | $200
Watercolor on canvas
14″ x 27″

3- 41°30’09”N 81°36’06”W | $250
Dirt and pigment on canvas, botanically dyed silk
16″ x 27″

4- 29°25’10”S 120°4’22”E | $300
Watercolor on canvas
26″ x 37″

5- 15°31’35”N 84°6’11”W | $200
Watercolor on canvas
15″ x 34″

6- 14°45’22”N 91°31’48”W | $250
Watercolor on canvas
17.5″ x 36″

7- 15°38’14”N 84°29’10”W | $150
Watercolor on canvas
16″ x 25.5″

8- 25°08’22”S 140°37’50”E | $300
Watercolor on canvas
16″ x 47″

9- 26°22’04”S 139°44’51”E | $150
Watercolor on canvas
18″ x 26.5″


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