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The one and only P.R. Miller showcases his life’s work in Present and Retro, on view from July 10 – September 25. Experience the evolution of his work in this retrospective exhibition and witness his three principal identities as a junk man, artist, and wizard.  In this gallery, explore photographs of P.R. Miller’s public sculptures, which bring whimsy and character to treasured spots around Akron. The Grizzled Wizard of Waste Not Want Not, a motion portrait of P.R. Miller by Joshua Tree Productions, is also on view. 

P.R., known as “The Grizzled Wizard”, recycles scraps and reimagines them as large-scale, whimsical sculptures often inspired by the natural environment, especially bugs and flowers. His goal is to alter the viewer’s reality, and he does so by making someone else’s trash into treasure. He has spent his life rescuing rubbish from the landfill and converting it into his signature pieces. P.R. is best known for public sculptures in notable places throughout Akron, including The Frog, perched outside of the Highland Square Branch of the Akron-Summit County Public Library, which was created from 1 ton of industrial recycled steel. 

Hailing from Mars, Pennsylvania, P.R. worked out of his home studio in Akron for many years before moving to Blueberry Hill Farms located outside of Loudonville, Ohio. Present and Retro includes works made from glass, metal, clay, and more, chronicling the artist’s journey over the course of his decades-long career. 



Crescent Moons

Miller South School for the Visual & Performing Arts, c. 1995

stainless steel

Photograph by Taylor Clapp 




1947 W Market St., c. 2005

steel and fan shroud

Photograph by Taylor Clapp 


(Viewable in person only)

The Grizzled Wizard of Waste Not Want Not

motion portrait, Joshua Tree Productions, 2006
Limited Edition DVDs for sale $25



Princess Frida

Highland Square Branch of the Akron-Summit County Public Library, c. 2005

steel and 1948 Cadillac hubcaps

Photograph courtesy of Akron-Summit County Public Library (top) and Taylor Clapp (bottom) 



Golf Club Flower

 Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, 2008, currently in private collection

golf clubs, fan shroud, and steel

Photograph by Shane Wynn 




One of A Kind Pet Rescue, late 1980s


Photograph by Taylor Clapp 




Luigi’s Restaurant, 2004

 stainless steel, epoxy, polyurethane foam, and linoleum

Photograph by Taylor Clapp 


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