Spirit Animal Emerges…into Jewelry

Tuesdays 6:30-9pm/September 24, October 1, 8, 15, 2019 (4-weeks, Oct. 8 independent off-site work)

Class Fee: $90 non-member, $85 member of Artists of Rubber City

Instructor: Courtney Cable    


Wander in your creative wild and create a piece of jewelry that speaks to you and your current journey. Explore the depths of your mind to find your spirit animal, learn basic metal working techniques, and create a piece of jewelry that has deep meaning to your soul to lead you through the inspirational journey that is Now. Each piece will be developed particular to the wearer, from the image design to the personalized message with available support from participating peers.

  1. Concept Development: Image/shape and Inspirational Phrase Decision
    • Research quotes from someone you admire, know/knew, or want to become
    • Personalize an inspirational message of your choosing (letter stamp/scribe)
  2. Include Two Additional Elements (created or added by you)
  3. String it up/Display It

You will use hammers, drills, files, lacquers, wax, and more provided by your instructor as you learn various techniques including  sawing, piercing, bending, etching and finishing.

Supplies list:

Sheet Metal (copper/brass)

Wire (thick & thin), rivets and etch leads

9V battery for etching

NaCl solution to take home (in glass jar)

Studio rag


G2 Pen

If you have alternate materials or external elements you’d like to work with and share with the class to help catalyze the Spirit Animals to life, please secretly bring them. Note: sheet metal, wire, rivets and sodium chloride solution for jewelry making can be purchased at many art supplies stores such as Blick Art Materials, All Media and also on Amazon or Etsy.