In Bloom | Sarah Nolan

In Bloom | Sarah Nolan

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Sarah Nolan’s creations of flora represent what a utopian society might consist of: the beauty of plants and natural environments that have been respected and encouraged to roam freely, thriving as they once did. Colors dance from place to place powered by chaotic energy, offering a breath of life to the viewer.

Special thanks to Bradley Hart, Summit Artspace resident artist, for photography of virtual exhibitions!

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1- Sea Jelly | $350
Monoprints, wallpaper, and found paper

2- Passion Fruit | $475
Monoprints and wallpaper

3- Cheetah Girl 2 | $500
Monoprints and wallpaper

4- Lemon | $350
Monoprints and wallpaper

5- Sandollar | $375
Monoprints, handmade, and found paper

6- Sorbet | $350
Monoprints, wallpaper, and found paper

7- Raspberry Hydrangae | $325
Monoprints and wallpaper

8- Vanilla Ice | $500
Monoprints, wallpaper, and flora

9- Maui | $425
Monoprints, wallpaper, yarn, and found paper

10- Water Lily | $350
Monoprints and wallpaper

11- Gone Batty | $375
Monoprints, wallpaper, and cellophane

12- Coral reef | $325
Monoprints, wallpaper, and found paper

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