Juniper Mainelis

Juniper is an artist, singer-songwriter, and poet who creates imagery inspired by mystical and imaginative themes. She likes to describe her work as a sacred journey to open portals of the imagination and self-healing. Some have called it Visionary Art and some refer to my work as Medicine Painting. Using a process called Intentional Creativity in which she is a certified teacher, She creates sacred space in her studio to enhance her ability to tune into inspiration. Setting an intention, She holds the paintbrush while visualizing it as a sort of magic wand. As she touches the canvas, every stroke, mark and even the canvas itself is infused with her thoughts, prayers, and visions. Often, she will light a candle, dance while she paints, and even put rose petals in her paint water. It’s a sensual creative experience. Her process stirs up memories, feelings and emotions that are ready to be healed. It is her desire to invite the observer to feel the energy instilled within the images. Often her paintings inspire her to write songs and poetry to accompany them, giving a deeper dive into the remedy that dwells within. Working mostly in acrylic and oil mediums, she’ll often include textural elements to her multi layered landscapes. Juniper loves sharing her unique imagery of empowered women and those that are awake.  She has won numerous awards in juried art shows and is a Grammy nominated vocalist. As a singer she goes by the name Juniper Bay Meadows and you can hear her recent album “My Compass Journey” on her website. 

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Natalie Patrick

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