Katherine Ramsey

Katherine’s professional life has been non-linear. She’s worked in finance, journalism, logistics, and perhaps her hardest job, being a full-time parent. Like it did for many people, the pandemic generated a personal shift on many levels for her, one of which was getting in touch with and exploring her artistic side. In Katherine’s family, her mother and brother were “the artists”, so instinctively she felt shy expressing any artistic desire. However, in recent years she has worked to break free of that mindset and is ready to share her perspective and vision in this new chapter of her life. She works with letterpress and block printing. She creates simplistic yet eye-catching broadsides and smaller prints, making use of verbiage, type, color, and negative space. Her body of work is small, however through experimentation at her home and in the studio when she can, it is something that is ever evolving.

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Natalie Patrick

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