Rob Greer Sr.

Rob Greer is the CEO of ZaBre Inspire, an innovative Christian clothing brand in Akron, Ohio. His creativity effectively crosses over into graphic design and apparel.  Rob’s passion to inspire has collided with music to paint a vivid picture of his faith based on his own experiences in life. One of these continued experiences is Lupus, an autoimmune disease that attacks the muscular system and organ functions of the body. Rob uses his fight with Lupus to encourage others through his brand, as a reminder that we are not alone. He became an artist to share his visual and verbal point of view with the world; To influence change, invoke thought and spark a curiosity from my work that leads to more conversations. As a photographer, his eye looks for the beauty or optimism in all things. As a designer, his work speaks to emotion or connection between feelings and facts. As a writer, he tends to lean into a creative optimism, and pose the question; “would life be great if”. Altogether, his body of work is about telling a story.

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Natalie Patrick

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