Brett Drummond

Brett describes himself as a self-made artist. He first learned he had a knack for the visual arts when he started putting pictures into the poems he would write. After he purchased his first iPad, he found some apps where he could draw, manipulate and create stunning patterns and colors. His inspiration is drawn from his imagination and exploration of the natural world and his own inner journeys. No two pieces of his artwork are the same. He is always pushing his boundaries and staying on the cutting edge of his creative prowess. He loves to take his art and design mind into the real world, solving problems, finding new solutions, and helping others to find their own unique creative voice! His artwork and process are always changing and evolving. He started making abstract art and now has gravitated into making art out of photoshop. His core tenant is always trying to create something new; no two pieces of his art are the same.

Picture of Natalie Patrick

Natalie Patrick

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