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Barberton: Then and Now

The new show, Barberton: Then and Now Photography Exhibition at Summit Artspace on Tusc, gives photographers a digital canvas to visualize the “Magic City.” The communities in our towns, villages and cities are many times a reflection of the neighborhoods and people who make them unique and distinctive.

Barberton: Then and Now runs from August 24 to October 13, 2018. Check back here at our site for information about a panel discussion with photographers. Exhibit and events are free and open to the public.

Hours for Barberton: Then and Now

The gallery at Summit Artspace on Tusc is open during the exhibition dates every Friday, 5-8 p.m., and Saturday, 12-5 p.m. Check our Plan Your Visit page for details.

The neighborhoods in Barberton have told and continue to tell a story of pride, growth and rebirth. These elements of community can also be the reflection of time that has stood still.

Neighborhoods and how they are seen are as unique as the artists who tell their stories through photographs. To honor the importance of Barberton in Summit County, local artists have been invited to enter photography highlighting Barberton for this show.

Barberton: Then and Now as a Mirror

Photographs may reflect:

  • Characteristics that make a neighborhood distinctive
  • The actualities of living in a neighborhood
  • Reflections of the passion, pride, hope or despair as captured by the artist

Barberton: Then and Now as archive

Historical photographs of Barberton will be also be on display. Residents have loaned photos of Barberton “back then” for the exhibition to show new generations of Magic City residents the history of an important locale in Northeast Ohio.

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