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Albert Macso/Akron Coffee Roasters

The Arts Patron award recognizes an individual, organization, or business that has sustained and enhanced arts and culture in our community through generous support, leadership, and financial resources. 

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Albert Macso, owner of Akron Coffee Roasters and Asterisk Coffee Bar, grew up in Bath, Ohio, and is a graduate of Kent State University. Macso began his professional career as an auditor with the international accounting firm, KPMG. He worked primarily out of the Portland, Oregon office where he and his wife moved two days after their wedding. After several years of audit work, Macso transitioned to forensic accounting and business valuation.  

Macso moved back to Akron in 2009 and began Akron Coffee Roasters in 2014 with his college roommate who had also spent most his post-college period in Portland. Upon returning to Ohio, the two could not find comparable coffee to what they had become accustomed to out west and began home roasting for their personal consumption. Looking to turn a passion into a source of income, Akron Coffee Roasters was born. It distributes freshly roasted coffee to local businesses, cafés, and individuals and opened its downtown Akron retail café in May 2016. 

Each product sold at Akron Coffee Roasters is adorned with art created by local artists. In the past five years, Macso has commissioned over 60 artworks. Additionally, he supports a gallery program on the walls of Akron Coffee Roasters and Asterisk Coffee Bar. Macso often purchases art at galleries, supports the local music scene, and seeks to support creative people and events.  

“Albert Macso is dedicated to keeping art at the forefront of his business, his community, and his life. It is rare to find someone that not only appreciates art but also extends themselves financially to support artists in their community. Albert is that person,” said local artist Micah Kraus, Macso’s nominator.  

“Throughout the pandemic, Albert stood strong and consistent in his commitment to art. One example was a fundraiser he led along with a local recording studio. He partnered with musicians to help them receive compensation at the beginning of the stay-at-home period, when there were no music venues available for performance. His support has helped artists flourish, and as a result, Akron’s arts community, and the community in general, is more vibrant,” Kraus said. 

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