Sylvette Long

STUDIO NAME: The Daily Jewel
STUDIO #: 102
MEDIA: Jewelry, Fiber Art

About the Artist

Sylvette Long is an artisan and creator of “The Daily Jewel,” known for her chic, handcrafted custom designs. “The Daily Jewel” is a range of unique handcrafted designs, where Sylvette believes that each day, one should enhance their individual look with a “jewel” or “head-turner.” This could be a knit or woven accessory or a piece of jewelry that transforms a minimalist outfit into an effortless work of art. In addition, she works in mixed media, which showcases her talent in sewing, embroidery, needlepoint, macrame, weaving, and reclaimed wood art. Sometimes, these media are cross-incorporated. Sylvette is also an educator of her creative talents. As a product of the inner city environment of Akron, Sylvette was born to parents who were creative in their own areas of expertise. This encouraged her desire to amass skills in her numerous artistic endeavors. She is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and went on to be a Design Director for Calvin Klein Incorporated prior to returning to her Akron roots. Her fashion experience includes extensive travel throughout the world. The collective melding of Sylvette Long’s eye for color, fashion trends, and artisanship has clients seeking her out for their very own “daily jewel.”

Why Summit Artspace?

“The most important reason I decided to rent a studio at Summit Artspace is that I wanted to be part of an environment where creativity is nurtured among a wonderful array of creative artists and staff members. For me, creativity feeds creativity.”

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