Lizzi Aronhalt

STUDIO NAME: Lizzi Aronhalt Studio
STUDIO #: 308
MEDIA: Illustration, Painting

About the Artist

Lizzi Aronhalt is a painter, educator, and muralist. Her architecturally-focused work engages themes such as memory, place, and the passing of time. She spent time in Southwest Ohio at Miami University, where she earned her B.S. in Art Education with a minor in 2-D media studies. She then lived for two years in Eastern Europe before returning home to Akron where she currently resides and creates. Her studio is on the third floor of Summit Artspace.

Why Summit Artspace?

Aronhalt started renting at Summit Artspace as she was launching her career and practice as a visual artist. “Having a studio space dedicated to my painting has allowed me to really focus on my work and create like I hadn’t been able to previously. I love having a quiet workspace during the week that is also open to the public on the weekend, as it allows me to create and interact with the community in the same space,” she said.

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