Janean Ray

STUDIO: Unknown
STUDIO #: 220
MEDIA: Photography

About the Artist

Janean Ray is a self-taught photographer who captures everything from A to Z. Her motto is, “I capture moments, I don’t make them.” She is constantly looking for the perfect image everywhere she goes! Her favorite themes are “planes, trains, and automobiles,” and she enjoys capturing bridges, candid people, animals, and action photography like waterskiing or kids having fun in the pool. Her goal is to bring people back to the basics in life through her photography, allowing them to appreciate the things around them.

Janean has spent thirty-two years as office manager at the Legal Defender Office in downtown Akron and still works full time. She has two children and three grown grandchildren. She is a genealogist and has been doing her family history for over twenty years, being a double Mayflower Descendant and first cousin to George Washington nine times removed. Janean has two young kitties under a year old, Ziggy and Lexi, and Bella, a ten-year-old Parsons Russell.

Why Summit Artspace?


“I’m learning more and more about other artists, and art in general, which I believe is inspiring me and opening my eyes to do more with my photography than just framing it on the wall. I have ideas and projects in mind. Stay tuned!” said Janean. Visit Janean in her studio (#122) on the first floor of Summit Artspace off of the Transition Gallery!

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