Summit Artspace’s Spring Exhibitions Open April 8

Five spring exhibitions open at Summit Artspace on April 8, 2022, along with an additional exhibition in the Artists of Rubber City’s BOX Gallery. Several of the exhibiting artists will be present opening night from 5-7 p.m. The exhibitions will be available virtually on Summit Artspace’s website starting April 8.  


Cycling, a solo exhibition by local artist Micah Kraus, is featured in the Betty and Howard Taylor Main Gallery. Through his work, Kraus grapples with information overload and is learning how little he knows and can be certain about. We Are. Are We? I Am. Am I? It is. Is it? Ok. Ok? Ok! Ok.” Said aloud, these mirrored words reorient the speaker from foundational assurance to existential uncertainty. At 5 p.m. on April 8, Kraus will perform Prepping for Eternity live. 

“In my head is a rock tumbler that, with constant motion and a little abrasion, slowly smooths rough edges, rounds corners, and polishes the surface of things that I can’t quite understand or articulate. It’s a gratifying feeling to let those things rattle around, and sometimes little gems emerge,” Kraus said of his exhibition and the performance process. 

StarBurst Juried Regional High School Exhibition 

The StarBurst Juried Regional High School Exhibition will be on display in the Welcome Gallery and throughout Summit Artspace’s hallways.This inaugural exhibition features artistic achievements from graduating seniors from Summit County high schools. A jury composed of visual arts educators (Arnold Tunstall and Susan Yingling) will designate awards for outstanding work on opening night at 6 p.m. The University of Akron Myers School of Art will award one $500 scholarship to a participant graduating this spring. 

National Collage Society 25th Annual Small-Format Exhibition 

The National Collage Society 25th Annual Small-Format Exhibition will be on view in the Transition Gallery. The National Collage Society hosts a small-format exhibition each year featuring postcard-sized collages created by its members. This is the 25th anniversary of the exhibition, which was originally called the Postcard Show and held in the Cork Gallery at New York City’s Lincoln Center. 

Unnatural Fibers 

Unnatural Fibers, a group exhibition, will be featured in the 2nd Floor Gallery. Five local artists—Trey GehringErin MillerPriscilla RoggenkampAllison Smith, and Stephen Tornero—root themselves in the traditions of fiber arts while pushing the boundaries of practiced techniques through technology and nontraditional materials. 

When We Share Our Wounds 

When We Share Our Wounds by Nick Lee will be featured in the 3G Gallery. Lee explores the presentation of traditionally unrepresented people throughout the history of Western art. This body of work seeks to heighten the representation of Japanese Americans through portraiture. 

“When we as Americans can see people from all backgrounds in our media and paintings, we can better understand them and relate to them as people. When we share our wounds, we can start a conversation that one might not have otherwise,” Lee said of the exhibition. Supported in part through grants from Akron Community Foundation and GAR Foundation, the exhibition is the first in a series dedicated to spotlighting solo work by BIPOC artists. 

Reassembled Memories

Reassembled Memories by Bret Hines combines self-taken photos with found objects to recall a visual memory of specific buildings. The exhibition is presented by resident organization Artists of Rubber City (AoRC) and will be on view through April 30.

Spring exhibitions will be on display through June 25, 2022. For more information on spring exhibitions, visit Summit Artspace’s website or contact Director of Artist Resources Natalie Grieshammer Patrick at  

Grace Carter

Grace Carter

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