About Us

A profusion of reds, purples, black, yellow and orange pulsing capillaries and connecting tissues of color

Bloom by Sarah Gretsinger

Summit Artspace, nonprofit art galleries and studios for Summit County and the surrounding area, provides art exhibits and physical environments that promote a strong, diverse and vibrant arts and culture community.


Summit County is recognized nationwide as a place where artists thrive. 


Summit Artspace connects artists and artist-serving organizations to the community and to the resources they need to thrive professionally, creatively, and financially.

Statement of Values and Beliefs

  1. Artists enrich Summit County by improving quality of life, economic viability and educational outcomes. By serving artists and the organizations that serve them, we serve the community in many meaningful ways.
  1. Creativity thrives in an open, accepting and inclusive environment with encouragement to be one’s true self.  We foster an inclusive culture where all forms of diversity are valued.
  1. There is a symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship between artists and the larger community: Art improves the lives of residents and visitors, while arts-engaged residents and visitors provide a market and an audience for artists.
  1. Artists thrive when they have physical spaces to make and present their art, a nurturing and inspiring community in which to learn and teach, and a clear path to connect to the resources that help them share and sell their art.
  1. To best serve artists in our community, our work must extend beyond the walls of our facilities, and requires us to identify, understand, and interface with other organizations that serve artists.
Award-winning collage by Helen Jane Willson features horizontal ribbons of green, white paper, silvery metal.

Finding My Niche in the Western Reserve III by Helen Wilson

How we operate

Our cultural values are:

  1. COLLABORATION: We work closely with artists to define what we do and how we do it, and we work with other organizations in the community to make sure artists’ needs are met, through us or elsewhere in the community.
  1. RESPONSIVENESS: We are dedicated to responding to the needs of artists in the community, and we work proactively to identify those needs.


  1. COMMUNITY-BUILDING: The physical spaces we operate have community building at their core.  We work closely with artists to ensure we are delivering the best possible experience in our spaces.
  1. MEASUREMENT: We actively measure our impact by seeking feedback, evaluating programs and tracking participation to ensure we are advancing our mission.
  1. LEARNING: We seek, welcome and learn from measurement and feedback, and adjust our approach based on that learning.

Our Goals

Summit Artspace is committed to the achieving the following mission-advancing goals during the 2020-2022 plan period:

Goal 1:  Make Summit Artspace the “go to” resource in Summit County for artists from all genres to guide them in their professional and creative development.


Goal 2:  Increase the number and type of artists served by Summit Artspace, and improve the quality of offerings

Goal 3:  Improve communication and build awareness in order to serve programming and resource expansion goals

Goal 4:  Increase contributed revenue and diversify sources of revenue

Goal 5:  Expand board/volunteer support to accomplish the organization’s goals

A display at Summit Artspace on Tusc in Barberton of student vibrant watercolor paintings in a display. Below are student ceramic pieces from a cobalt dragon, a lovely fawn to a goblet and other animal figures.

A display at Summit Artspace on Tusc in Barberton of student artwork

Summit Artspace – Nonprofit Art GallerIES

Previously known as Akron Area Arts Alliance,  the center preserves the art of the past and engages the creation of art for the future in its mission as a nonprofit community arts center and art galleries.

The downtown Akron site, Summit Artspace on East Market, is housed in the historic first site of the Akron Beacon Journal, and is home to the Summit Artspace Galleries, artist studios, the organization’s office and The Box Gallery. It is the site of several art organizations, the Akron Society of Artists and the Artists of Rubber City For rent, there are also creative business offices, galleries, performance spaces, workshop areas and meeting rooms. The facility is owned by one of our valued partners, the County of Summit, which has been a significant and valued supporter of Summit Artspace as community space.

Summit Artspace is a nonprofit community arts center all about art created by local talent and showcased in the community. Traditional and contemporary artists connect in the space even while their art presents different views of the world.

Summit Artspace attracts thousands of visitors each year who enjoy changing art experiences with benefits to local economies. For artists, Summit Artspace is a place where artists engage in career development within an inspiring creative community.

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