AEI 2.0: Alumni Intensive

June 19-20 & 26-27, 5-9 PM

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If you already completed an AEI, you know how career-changing the experience was. But, you also left with more ideas and questions than the time permitted.

This year, we are offering alumni a chance to dig deeper into topics you told us were important to you.

This course is open to alumni of AEI cohorts of any year and provider.

Not an alum, but still want to join? If you have prior experience in business planning, financials, marketing, or microbusiness operations, you are welcome to join us for 1-4 days of AEI 2.0. If not, please join us in July for our full course. Please contact if you have questions about qualifying for the course.


Monday, June 19

5-5:30: Introduction and Overview

5:30-7: Pricing 2.0

7-7:30: Dinner

7:30-9: Tax Compliance and Record Keeping

Tuesday, June 20

5-6:30: Business Plan Intensive

6:30-7: Dinner

7-7:50: How to Actually Start a Business in Ohio

8-9: Peer Review

Monday, June 26

5-5:30: Microbusiness Center Tour and Work Session (meet at Main Library)

5:30-5:50: Local Entrepreneurship Resources

5:50-6:15: IP and Patent Search Tools

6:15-6:30: Travel to WhiteSpace Creative

6:30-45: Brown Bag Dinner

6:45-7: Tour of WhiteSpace Creative

7-8:15: Building Educational Information Around Portfolios, Panel Discussion

8:15-9: Happy Hour

Tuesday, June 27

5-6:30: Exploring Markets

6:30-7: Dinner

7-8:30: Social Media Marketing Bootcamp

8:30-9: Individual Action Planning


Jim Griggy, Small Business Development Center

Keeven White, WhiteSpace Creative

Shon Christy, Focal Point Social Media Marketing

Chris Horne, The Devil Strip

Linda Hale, Microbusiness Center, Akron Library

And more!