Bringing Art to Life: Story of Arts Alive Awards

2016 winners: Rick Rogers, Charles Beneke and Elisa Gargarella













Arts Alive was created in 2001 to recognize the gifted artists, art educators and change-making advocates with an inspiring celebration of achievement. The biennial event has become an anticipated gathering of artists and art lovers to honor those who shape and color the vibrant arts and culture community in the Greater Akron area and the counties that surround it. 

Brian Sage Capien

The community nomination process has always been a part of the event and you’ll see many familiar names of artists, dancers, musicians, leaders and advocates who have sustained excellence in their fields and gone on to represent our are on the world stage. Click here for the list of past winners. Come and find out more about the previous honorees and their impact across the years and across communities!

We’re back with the 2018 edition of Arts Alive and new awards that reflect what Summit Artspace sees advancing in the local art community as well as the incredible commitment of many arts advocates to open up the arts to move voices. 

Auction artist and arts leader Karen Starr

And it wouldn’t be the same without the quirky and wonderful Out-of-the-Box Auction, started by artist Joan Colbert, who still has a studio in Summit Artspace, for the first Arts Alive as way to build community and funding support for Summit Artspace, a unique arts center for the area.

We are pleased to announce this year’s Co-Chairs, Theresa LeGrair and Wendy Bolas. Join them for the creative ceremony on June 12, alive with music, entertainment and art on the three floors of the extraordinary and historic Summit Artspace building. There will be something to amaze around every corner! Including an artfully-planned menu of appetizers and beverages.

In the run-up to the ceremony, the community—all of us—have the chance to see favorite local artists nominated in the areas of visual art, dance, music, theatre and teaching, in addition to community members who work on behalf of the arts. As we are inspired by their work, they see their impact and continue their pursuit of excellence and creativity. Take some time and nominate an artists, art teacher, arts leader that you know and admire. The nomination process is online here


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