Ron White

STUDIO NAME: Ron White Studio
STUDIO #: 121
MEDIA: Ceramics, Sculpture, Visual Arts


Ron White is a graduate of Wright State University and Kent State University with an emphasis on sculpture and education. He is a teacher at Barberton High School.

About the Artist:

Ron works in a variety of media, including clay, charcoal, and ice. He considers his use of the human figure to be post-modernist, documenting moments in time. Ron feels that figures mark an event or personal space and that the human form is the connection to any experience. The figure is paramount in the work that he creates. Expounding upon life experiences, dreams, and illustrations, he sculpts and renders figures with interest toward, but not limited to, classic form. Techniques used in Ron’s art-making process are usually both two and three-dimensional, derivative of exploration in light and line.

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