Ron White

STUDIO NAME: E. Market #121, Tusc Second Floor
MEDIA: Sculpture, Visual Arts

As a visual artist working on paper, in clay, through ice, I have considered my use of the human figure to be post modernist documents of moments in time. I feel as though the figures mark an event or personal space. The human form is the connection to any experience. The figure is paramount in the work that I create. Expounding upon life experiences, dreams and illustrations, I sculpt and render the figure with interest towards but not limited to the classic form. Techniques used in the art making process are usually both two and three dimensional. It is a derivative of exploration in light and line creating tone and plane. I work in many medium creating work for my self expression and by commission in jewelry, clay, drawing, painting and in ice. I have only begun a life long obsession with art media. The purposeful control of the figure in the medium is respected in the histories of the oldest cultures. A complex blend of pose, gesture, foreshortening created using surface treatments of cross hatch, ink wash, and scgraffito presents an artist with an abundance of opportunity for self expression. Since the first time man put his mark in the mud, the earth and its populous has changed, but his need to communicate through his line is still pertinent and necessary.

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