Cynthia L. Badran

STUDIO NAME: Cynthia L. Badran Piano Studio
STUDIO #: 120
MEDIA: Music


Cynthia L. Badran has a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance/Accompanying/Collaboration.

About the Artist:

“By combining my love of the world of music and my ability to play the piano, I can use my education and skills to teach others to learn to play, enjoy music, and reach whatever personal goals they may aspire to attain. I am inspired by my students of all different ages and from all different walks of life as they learn, discover, and build their skills in their own unique ways. It is never too late or too early to give music a place in your life and the skills will reward you for years and years to come and give much enjoyment and personal accomplishment to each student!”

Why Summit Artspace?

“I decided to rent a studio at Summit Artspace to finally give my teaching an “official” spot of its own! After teaching out of my home, in many different music stores, and in other teaching settings, it is great to finally be here! I can center on my own business priorities instead of having to follow everybody else’s rules that they have put into place that do not necessarily put the teaching of lessons and the students as a prime consideration. I also love the Downtown Akron area and it is a fabulous area for me to have a studio. It is very convenient and accessible. Being a resident makes you feel a part of a caring, concerned, and focused organization centered around helping artists thrive. You can feel the support and the encouragement coming from the fabulous staff and the individual artists. Everyone wants you to do well and is in it together to accomplish the same common goals in the resident community and beyond into the city! It is a wonderful environment and an honor to be a part of it.”

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